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March 28, 2018

Services Provided | Accounting, Book cleanup, Bookkeeping, Consulting, Financial reporting, Financial services, QuickBooks™ setup, Small business tax

“Kali has been an incredible asset to us. She’s easy to work with, always timely, and has helped us to better understand our business. Would HIGHLY recommend!”


March 27, 2018

Services Provided | Book cleanup, QuickBooks™ setup

“We recently transferred from using Quickbooks Desktop for the last twenty years to using Quickbooks online. To say the least, it was like learning a foreign language. Kali was there immediately to help me make the transition as smooth possible. She also helped me clean up a tremendous amount of journal entries that reappeared as part of the transfer. I could not have kept my sanity without her assistance, she was very knowledgeable and helpful. She also went to bat for me and got a credit card processing issue cleared up for me as quickly as could be expected. Had I not had her in my corner, I would still be in a jam. Thanks Skar Accounting for all you did for Central Lawn, you have been amazing to work with!”


January 11, 2018

Services Provided | Bookkeeping, Consulting, Payroll, QuickBooks™ consulting

“I just can’t say enough to express how much Kali has helped me with my business. She is very trustworthy and very knowledgeable in a variety of things. Whenever I email her she responds right away. I always know that I can count on her.”


January 9, 2018

Services Provided | 1099 filing, Tax preparation

“I needed help completing my 1099’s for my employees for 2017, and also getting the proper paperwork to the IRS, to each employee and their state. I contacted Kali in the evening by email. She responded that same evening to let me know what she needed to complete the 1099’s. I send her the information the next day and she had everything done and back to me that same day. Amazing QuickBook and tax knowledge, along with extremely quick response and completion time. Those traits and skills make Kali a valuable asset to my business!”


May 5, 2017

Services Provided | Consulting, QuickBooks™ setup

“Kali has been a great help. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and will research until she finds the answer to a question. I am able to save time and frustration waiting on the phone for QB by having an advisor. She also has been valuable in guiding me through QB and teaching new ways to utilize it.”


May 4, 2017

Services Provided | Start up support

“Kali helped me with start up questions for a non profit I am affiliated with. I hadn’t used Quickbooks in years and Kali walked me through it. Truly helpful and willing to show me the ins and outs.”


May 4, 2017

Services Provided | QuickBooks™ Consulting

“Kali is great! Always willing to help and to answer all my questions! Very knowledgeable also. She has done so much to help me!”


January 17, 2017

Services provided | Setting up pre-tax deductions and pre-tax reimbursement for clergy compensation package.

“I found Kali’s name on the QuickBooks website and emailed her asking if she was familiar with using QuickBooks for Churches. This was a Saturday afternoon and I wasn’t expecting a response until Monday. She responded to my email within minutes and asked questions to clarify what I was needing. After a few exchange of emails I asked if I could call her, which she said yes. On short notice she graciously gave her time and expertise to help me over the phone. She walked me through each step to resolve a clergy pre-tax payroll issue. I would highly recommend her.”


September 13, 2016
Services provided | Bookkeeping Instruction

“I am a new business owner and Kali has helped me learn to navigate Quickbooks and keep accurate records of our income and expenses. She can always explain the process for using the program as well as the ‘why’ behind the steps. This has helped me develop a better understanding of the financial side of our business. I call her my Accounting Coach!”


September 09, 2016
Services provided | Bookkeeping

“Kali is professional but very personable. She knows her profession very well. She’s very very good. I am extremely happy to have her services.”


June 20, 2016
Services provided | Accounting and QB Advisor

“Kali is a lifesaver for us! She came in and helped us figure out what we were doing wrong on our QB with our business and helped us fix it! I don’t know where we would be without her! She is prompt and knowledgeable and patient! [Kali] takes the time to explain things and it’s easy to understand. She is a great asset to our company as she continues with bookkeeping for us. She is very professional. We love her and her services and would highly recommend her!”


May 11, 2016
Services provided | Bookkeeping and Accounting

“Kali has provided bookkeeping services for us as a non-profit organization for some time. Her expertise and availability is extremely valuable to me personally, as well providing huge benefit to the organization. If there are processes or accounting structure that needs tweaking, she is ready and willing to provide assistance or modify as needed. She has been a very valuable asset, and I keep finding out about more business friends who have worked with her, and have been beyond pleased to recommend her!”


May 11, 2016
Services provided | QuickBooks™ expertise and consulting

“Kali is my go person for anything with QB. She is very professional very easy to talk too and she can explain anything. I have little to no accounting experience and she teaches it very well in a short period of time. You can tell her what you want QB to do for you and she can make it happen. She has helped me with my day to day reports that every business needs to study to operate efficiently in today’s business world.”


May 11, 2016
Services provided | Bookkeeping, Payroll, QuickBooks™ Online

“Skar Accounting & Bookkeeping has been working with us since October 2015. I cannot imagine the mess our books would be in had I not had the good fortune of retaining Kali’s services very early in our start up process. Kali is prompt, responsive, and accurate. She handles our payroll, tax payments, and Quickbooks Online. There is enough to deal with as a new business, having Kali on my team took a big headache off my plate and I felt her rates were very reasonable.”


May 11, 2016
Services provided | QuickBooks™ Support

“Ms. Skar is my go to resource for Quickbooks support. She is extremely helpful and very prompt in helping me solve any QB issues. I have worked with Kali for several years now and I have always been very happy with her services. I have recommended her to a number of my clients, and I recommend her to you with no reservations.”


August 07, 2015
Services provided | No information provided

“Kali did an outstanding job covering the basic concepts of accounting as well as setting up and explaining QuickBooks on a level easily understood! Don’t waste the money on “QuickBooks for Dummies”! Kali will provide much more relevant and personalized assistance for you and your team!”


February 06, 2015
Services provided | Consulting/Accounting

“We have been using Kali Skar’s services for almost a year now and don’t know what we would do without her! She is prompt, dependable, and has helped us immensely. Besides having vast knowledge in QuickBooks and accounting, she is just a joy to work with! We highly recommend Kali…you will not be disappointed!”


February 06, 2015
Services provided | No information provided

“As someone who was working brand new in an administrative support position, Kali did (and still does) a phenomenal job helping me do mine! Her expertise and knowledge has made all the difference in getting things done efficiently & effectively as well as teaching me lots of new things. I appreciate her patience and willingness to teach me in a way that I can understand. I am so grateful for her and how she serves our organization!”


February 06, 2015
Services provided |No information provided

“I have been working with Kali, since the middle of last year. She is our payroll team and I would not hesitate to recommend her. The work is always done ahead of schedule and is presented in an easy to understand, professional manner. Hiring Kali has proved to be an excellent value for our business as it frees us up to do what we do best and leaves the complicated process of payroll to someone who know what they’re doing. Kali gets the job done right the first time. Thanks a million Kali, you’re the bomb!”


September 22, 2014
Services provided | No information provided

“Kali has been consulting/training in our office for several months now, and has been wonderful to work with. Her knowledge and expertise has helped us immensely. I would highly recommend hiring her for your business needs!”


July 24, 2014
Services provided | QuickBooks™

“I have several business and always have a hard time keeping things straight. Once I met Kali she jumped in right away and brought organization to my life. She worked hand and hand with my CPA to produce the most timely tax return and one that I could understand. Kali has suggested changes to my business that has helped so much. I highly recommend Kali and feel you will be extremely satisfied with her work!”


July 22, 2014
Services provided | QuickBooks™ set up / user support

“Kali is professional, fast and mobile. She is taking my list of issues resolving them, teaching me along the way. She has assisted in making a new more user friendly invoice and set up online payments, reconciling all accounts and fixing errors that I have created. I’m utilizing more of QB. Her patience and support is giving me the tools to be successful. The best investment for support I have found in small business. I can move forward using QB with confidence with her services.”


July 18, 2014
Services provided | QuickBooks™ assistance; bookkeeping

“Kali is very knowledgeable and has made using Quickbooks very easy! Any time I have a question she responds quickly and has always been able to help. She is reliable and honest and I highly recommend her!”


July 17, 2014
Services provided | Onsite set-up

“Kali is the best. She is very knowledgeable and can set-up the program to perform as needed. Very good at customization of the program. Strongly recommend her services”


March 04, 2014
Services provided | QuickBooks™ online

“Kali does a great job and is very prompt. She has helped me greatly!”


February 26, 2014
Services provided | QuickBooks™ help; Bookkeeping

“Kali is prompt, honest and reliable. She has a depth of knowledge regarding bookkeeping and Quickbooks and offers very reasonable rates for her expertise!!”


February 26, 2014
Services provided | Bookkeeping, payroll, sales and payroll taxes

“Kali is a professional in every aspect of her work. Not only is she timely and accurate but a pleasure to work with and so very accommodating to any needs I have. She is full of integrity and honesty as well as a true delight to be around and work with. I would recommend Kali Skar and all of the services Skar Accounting has to offer to anyone looking without one ounce of hesitation. Kindness, honesty and integrity are three of the hardest things to find in a service and she has them all!”


February 26, 2014
Services provided | Bookkeeping and Accounting

“Kali is the best I have ever worked with! She’s friendly and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!”


January 28, 2013
Services provided | Virtual Accounting Advice

“I would highly recommend Kali Skar. While I’ve never met her personally, she is very polite and easy to work with over virtual correspondence and always quick to respond to my questions. Huge asset to me and my partners!”


January 09, 2013
Services provided | Bookkeeping

“I highly recommend using Kali Skar. She does a very excellent job in making sure that everything is done accurately and on time. She is also very responsive. Whenever I have a question, she is always quick to respond.”